ACM Technologies, Inc. is a provider of environmentally friendly water treatment systems and services to meet pollution control and remediation needs. Complete recycling of water and dissolved metals from a large variety of waste streams is achieved by the application of ion exchange technology and off-site regeneration. This allows the customer peace of mind and eliminates any long term liabilities when dealing with regulated and non-regulated substances. ACM Technology’s impeccable compliance record and spotless regulatory inspection reports reflects a commitment to its customers and the environment.

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ACM Technologies governs and adjusts its processes according to a strict QC program developed by experts in the field of Ion exchange technologies and regeneration procedure. Each batch is numbered and tested using state of the art equipment that includes strict calibration protocol. Product traceability is a must when assisting a customer with an issue. Our skilled and talented staff is available to assist you from 9 am to 5 pm EST through email, phone or fax.

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