Non-Hazardous Resins 

Resins that are not hazardous due to application or content of contaminants can be transported and regenerated cost efficiently through proper packaging, inexpensive transportation via common carriers and ease of handling at our facility because they are not regulated. These resins contain metals that need to be removed from the beads and recycled back into industry, providing the customer with savings across the board from buying virgin product and peace of mind the waste products are being handled properly.

Listed Hazardous Resins

ACM Technologies accepts listed, manifested resins used in applications where either because of the use or content and type of contaminants on the resin, they must be handled and processed according to Federal Regulations. It is the responsibility of each customer to determine if their use or contamination levels are one that requires these handling procedures. Each customer is required to fill out a profile sheet and provide ACM with accurate information on how the resins are being used and what to expect to find on the resins. Toxic Organics are prohibited and cannot be accepted in our facility and all resins that are considered hazardous are owned by the customer. The resultant wastes generated from the processing of these types of resins are also recycled 100%, eliminating cradle to grave liabilities.

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ACM Technologies is fully-permitted by the Maryland DEP and operated under the supervision of licensed chemical operators. ACM regenerates ion exchange resins used in waste treatment systems and resource recovery. Applications include resins used for electroplating, EDM, chemical processes, and many others.