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ACM Technologies provides complete Ion Exchange resin regeneration services, resource recovery and heavy metals removal. Our fully permitted and licensed regeneration facility located in Forest Hill Maryland is capable of serving customers across the USA. Resin can be accepted in-bulk or in-tank for regeneration. Regeneration services include Cation, Anion, Mixed Bed, Chelating, and Pure Water resins.

ACM Technologies specializes in closed-loop systems for the Plating, Metal Finishing and EDM industries. Quality products and EPA compliance are ensured with out handling chemicals and wastes. Our systems are also suited for Industrial Water, Waste Water and Ground water clean up.

Each regeneration is tested and certified in our on-site lab. Our solar powered 16,000 square foot Maryland plant has both large and small vessel regeneration capacity providing excellent quality and quick turn around. This reaffirms ACM’s commitment to the ever-increasing demand for regeneration of resin used in the EDM, metal finishing industry, and general water treatment industry.  ACM Technologies services the metal finishing and EDM market with DI resin regeneration and related equipment and rentals. ACM Technologies operates four transfer locations in the to expedite shipment to our Maryland regeneration plant. ACM is a sister company to ResinTech, Inc., a manufacturer of ion exchange resin


ACM Technologies, Inc. was established in 1999 in a 5,500 square foot facility located in Forest Hill, MD. After ten years of growth and success, ACM constructed a 16,000 square foot state of the art facility to accommodate its rapid growth and help diversify its activities into larger and more lucrative industries.

The industry leader in the regeneration of mixed bed resins used to control conductivity for electro-discharge machining, ACM also services the metal finishing, ground water remediation and condensate polishing industries to name a few. With a technical staff second to none, ACM continues to provide its clients and prospective customers with sound, viable solutions for their water purification needs.


ACM's main regeneration facility is located in Maryland with satellite locations in Florida, Illinois, Texas and California to help with the ever increasing cost of shipping. Our main facility is a permitted centralized waste treatment facility with operators licensed by the State of Maryland since 1994. All subsequent wastes generated from its regeneration processes are minimized by some 70% after generation to ensure compliance with the Federal Governments waste minimization requirement. Once processed, all filter cakes are sent out for 100% recycling. ACM maintains a full service laboratory operating a state of the art atomic absorption unit to ensure its environmental compliance on industrial discharge on a daily basis.


ACM Technologies governs and adjusts its processes according to a strict QC program developed by experts in the field of Ion exchange technologies and regeneration procedure. Each batch is numbered and tested using state of the art equipment that includes strict calibration protocol. Product traceability is a must when assisting a customer with an issue.


Our skilled and talented staff is available to assist you from 9 am to 5 pm EST through email, phone or fax.

Corporate Headquarters - 344 Granary Road • Forest Hill, MD 21050 • Phone: 410-420-8001 • Fax: 410-420-8003
ACM Technologies is a Proud Part of the ResinTech Family of Companies

ACM Technologies is fully-permitted by the Maryland DEP and operated under the supervision of licensed chemical operators. ACM regenerates ion exchange resins used in waste treatment systems and resource recovery. Applications include resins used for electroplating, EDM, chemical processes, and many others.